Goss Berry Farm was started in 1988 when Sharon and Walter planted their first blueberry and raspberry bushes. A few strawberries were also planted to try to provide some quick cash for the farm. The first couple of years the berries were sold in front of the house on a picnic table with the honor system being used.


Gradually, as more berries became available and Sharon was able to be home in the summer, the picnic table was moved up under the large maple tree in the yard and the picnic table was replaced with a small shed. More raspberries were planted and the strawberry fields have been converted to blueberry and raspberry fields.


The berries are sold by "pick your own" and all picked, depending on what people desire. The farm has developed a small wholesale business selling to many of the local farm stands in the area.


The farm continues to plant more raspberries and blueberries each year as it slowly continues to grow.